Northern Chicago Suburbs Tree Service

At Aerial Tree Services we are experts in tree removal and tree care. We are certified arborists and we are experts in tree care. Also we have the best movable cranes and trucks and cutting tools for the toughest jobs. With over forty years of experience working in the Chicagoland area we can do all local tree service jobs large and small. We know the area's terrain, its trees and what equipment will get the job done safely. If you have a tree that needs to be removed or treated for sickness we are the experts in your area to call. Call us today at (847) 662-5321 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate and home appointment. We will do the job correctly, safely and quietly.



Northern Chicago Suburbs Tree Trimming

We utilize the best equipment in the industry for our local tree trimming services. Our aerial tree trimming equipment can scale the tallest trees in the area and safely trim them and you can rest assured that the tree trimming will be expertly done.

Northern Chicago Tree Pruning and Tree Care

We are highly experienced certified arborists with the skills to carefully care for your tree and prun it. Our coverage area of service is of the northern Chicagoland suburbs.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Our inspections and quotes are 100% free. There are no hidden fees or surprise prices. What you see is what you pay. No upfront deposits needed. Yes, we are fully trained and licensed Level 5 ISA Arborists.

No, you can mark or tell us the tree location on the property that you'd like us to inspect.
We are happy to meet with you at a time that suits you for in-person inspection.
We send the quotes through email shortly after our inspection. Lastly select the service day that meets your comfortability.

Costs are as low as $297 to a few thousand for tree removal and as low as $197 to $1,599 for tree trimming. How large the tree is, the condition, diameter and location of the tree on property factors into cost. Our quotes are more reasonable since we own a crane. This reduces the time & men on the job which makes our quotes less expensive than competitors.

Our level 5 arborists are the highest certified & provide tree saving options first, to help you save your tree & reduce wasted costs. We don't have salesmen up-selling you. Our cranes make our quotes more reasonable compared to competitors. We don't require any upfront payments and provide property cleanup after the job.

Our Tree Services Near You

Tree Removal

Our goal is to save trees before we remove them. We inspect the tree to verify if it’s diseased or dead and offer you solutions. Stump removal included.

In case of storm damages, we provide 24/7 emergency tree removal, trims and handle the claim on your behalf.

Tree Trimming

When you search for tree trimming near me, we listen to your concerns, schedule the inspection & provide the most efficient solutions for your needs.

In case of storm damages, we provide 24/7 emergency tree trimming and handle your insurance claim on your behalf.


When searching for Arborists near me, our upkeep includes tree removal, tree cutting, shrub pruning, bush removal, landscape design & deep root fertilizing.

We care for all trees and provide routine inspections to maintain tree health. You can entrust the life of your trees to our company.

Land Clearing Services

We clear trees for your lot, land or special project in a simple process with fair prices.

We use our own equipment to reduce the extra markups and offer 100% cleanup.


Along with our other tree services, we also deliver treated Firewood. On your one phone call, we’ll deliver you the finest quality firewood.

Get in touch with us for the availibility of Firewood and we’ll deliver it to you.

Your Home’s Safety is our #1 Priority

How We Remove Trees

Our crane lifts heavy branches or whole trees from the ground over houses, cable lines or hard to reach areas that reduce injury and other dangerous methods that cost needless time and money.

Front Yard Tree Removal

If a tree is damaged, diseased, roots are causing interruptions, too much sunlight is blocked, allergy symptoms are occurring, you need to make room for new construction or if you prefer the look of your home without trees, we use cranes for a safe removal.

Backyard Tree Removal

If a tree is leaning, damaged, diseased, roots are interfering, sunlight is blocked, you need room for additions or if you simply need more space - we use a crane and tree roping to prioritize your home’s safety.

How We Save Trees

No matter which tree, we prune the damage carefully, fertilize to increase nutrients, provide pest & disease management methods, use cable bracing techniques and plan recurring visits to follow up.

What Our Customers Think of Us On

I highly recommend Aerial for tree removal or any type of yard clearing job you might have. They are prompt, friendly and very affordable.

Done in less than 2 hours and the yard looks brighter already. Will definitely be handing out their business cards!

This is the 3rd time I've used this company for tree removal. They are prompt, clean and provide great service. The quotes are comparable or better than competitors.